Hi everyone! How are you doing out there?

On Friday, I received the mini photography studio kit I ordered a while ago, and I’ve been playing around with it during the weekend. So far I’m very impressed with the result!

The kit consists of a light tent, four different backgrounds, two lights and a small tripod.

Light tent
Light tent

I paid €59 for this, and then €10 or so for the shipping. Such good value! I really like the photos I’ve taken so far.

Martin guitar
Martin guitar
Martin guitar
Oops! LOL
Smögen whisky
Persica rose
Bus and eurocoins

I tried some studio stuff last year but then I only used simple things such as small work lights, a table, homemade diffusers etc. The results were mixed, many were very good. But this kit will make it so much easier, because it is foldable and can very easily be put away when I don’t use it. Perfect for this small house! So I’m looking forward to all the fun I’ll have with it. It will be particularly good for taking photos of bottles and more for my whiskey blog.


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