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Hi there and welcome to my blog! I’m Swedish but moved from Sweden to Ireland in 2019, and I now live in the stunning area of West Cork.

This blog was born in early 2019 to share my experiences of moving to Ireland, but the pandemic put an end to what I wanted to do on the blog.

Around Christmas 2020, I started writing about music instead. This brought new life to the blog.

Since then, I’ve been a bit all over the place with the blog. I liked having all topics under the same roof. But my music posts can be very geeky, and will often be more interesting to other people than those who enjoy my photo & reflections/life posts.

After a lot of thinking and testing, I finally found a good way to run two separate blogs (thank you, Softaculous, for the fabulous WordPress management tool, that makes it a lot less troublesome to run multiple WordPress blogs!).

My music blog talks about the experience of learning guitar and concertina, bluegrass songs, musicians that inspire me, and related topics.

Here I will continue to share photos, and share bits of life in Ireland. On both blogs I’ll have more freedom to ramble within these topics, which is good!